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Has Your Home Become a Burden Due to:


Our attorneys can identify & help with next steps related to wills, probate, executor, etc...

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Moving is a huge life event. Allow us to help you through the sale process so that you can focus on your move and enjoy what comes next.

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Retirement should involve simplification of your life and responsibilities.Leave the work to us so you can start enjoying your new life asap.

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Whether you or a family member is experiencing illness that necessitates the sale of your home, we can accommodate your timeframe and help with the heavy lifting.

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Losing a loved one is all consuming yet there are so many responsibilities and  arrangements to be made. Selling a property is one of the biggest - let us help.

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If your home is showing it's age and fixing it seems overwhelming, let us do the work.You won't need to fix anything and we can help dispose of unwanted items.

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About Us

HomeFree Solutions is a local business whose focus is on assisting people in tough situations. We don't just buy your house, we offer creative solutions to your unique challenges, whether you need help with your belongings, need to stay a little longer to help with your move - we can provide the help you need to transitions smoothly. Large anonymous investment companies are focused on volume and dollars. Inexperienced investors are focused on their deal. We'll help customize the process to your needs.

Call us for a real offer with no drama or hidden costs. We follow through on 100% of our contracts, pay closing costs, and there are zero fees. 

Stress Free Steps

         CALL US

Call us to tell us about your house and situation.  We'll gather some information from you, and you can ask questions about us and our process.


We'll come see your home at your convenience and inspect. We do all of our Due Diligence first so that our offer is fair, firm, and reflects the actual condition/need for repairs and/or updates.


We can almost always make an offer at the end of the visit. There's no obligation or cost and our offer won't be reduced at a later date. There are no fees and we pay standard closing costs. 


If both parties agree to a purchase price, we can sign the offer on the spot.  You can choose a closing date that's convenient for you. We can close in as little as 10 days.


Prior to the closing date your only task is to fill out a brief form from our attorney regarding your mortgage and any liens, HOA info (if any), and water provider. Next you attend the closing with an ID, and after signatures receive a check or wire for the procees.

Call Us - Don't Let Rising Rates Delay Your Sale

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